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Running is Wonderful for Overall Fitness… But!!!

Running  is wonderful for overall fitness , but the extra stress on the feet can lead to injuries from minor strains and pains to fractures. Since sports demand a lot of your feet , you need to take special care of them. You can… Continue Reading “Running is Wonderful for Overall Fitness… But!!!”



Our feet bear an enormous burden of daily living , As well as carrying the weight of our body.  They must also twist and flex with increased impact and strain when we move around. Even through simple day to day activities such as standing… Continue Reading “Footwear”

A Lot can be Done to Keep People Free from Foot Pain

Faulty foot structure and poor walking patterns influence the whole leg and therefore affect the whole body.  This may lead to twisting of the knee, hip and lower back.  It is particularly important that these conditions are checked if you have had, or are… Continue Reading “A Lot can be Done to Keep People Free from Foot Pain”

Foot Orthoses

Foot orthoses are shoe inserts  designed to support align  or  aid to improve the function of the feet.  They are also often called “orthotics”.  Orthoses . There are many different  kinds of orthoses. The orthoses recommended by your podiatrist are prescription devices. Custom made… Continue Reading “Foot Orthoses”