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“Don’t Worry – They Grow Out of it is “… Not Always True!

“Don’t worry – they grow out of it “. is a common response to parent’s concerns about the development of their children’s feet or legs. In some cases this can be true, however as children grow up their feet and legs undergo various stages…

Corns and Calluses are Symptoms

Corns are due to pressure over a bony part of the foot .  A common site is the side of the little toe or over the tops of bent toes where shoes press.  Often   corns can be avoided by wearing better fitting shoes and…

Come Prepared for your First Appointment

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


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If your Feet Hurt, you Hurt All Over

One of the key factors to a happy and healthy old age is mobility.  Being able to move around freely and comfortably is essential to one’s lifestyle, health and sense of well being . Comfortable feet go a long way in encouraging a person’s…