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Many Australians are being brought to their Knees by  Heel Pain

The  Australian Podiatry Council said during  foot health week in  1998. And since then this statement has not changed . While heel pain is one of the most common conditions treated by podiatrists, it appears that  a large number of people are not seeking… Continue Reading “Many Australians are being brought to their Knees by  Heel Pain”

Shoes for Children

Both the size and the shape of your child’s feet change quickly during the first year of life.  Because baby’s feet are flexible, too much pressure and strain  can affect the shape of the foot. To ensure normal growth , allow your baby to… Continue Reading “Shoes for Children”

Working Feet

Walking , running ,jumping – places greater physical demands on the body than normal day- to – day activities.  While running, your feet can absorb up to 3 to 8  times your body weight.  Not surprisingly, injuries to the foot and lower limb make… Continue Reading “Working Feet”

Walking is, in Execution, a Business most Precarious

In order to initiate momentum one leans forward toward the object of one’s desire, past the point of reasonably dignified recovery, till a minutely moderated balance long maintained is lost in favor of a fresh forward-falling momentum. But to allow that to continue would… Continue Reading “Walking is, in Execution, a Business most Precarious”

”My Feet are Killing Me” is a Common Cry

yet research shows that only a fraction of those suffering from sore feet seek professional help.  A common misconception is that sore feet are normal; they are not . Just as you would  visit your dentist for a toothache. You should visit  a podiatrist… Continue Reading “”My Feet are Killing Me” is a Common Cry”