”My Feet are Killing Me” is a Common Cry

yet research shows that only a fraction of those suffering from sore feet seek professional help.  A common misconception is that sore feet are normal; they are not .

Just as you would  visit your dentist for a toothache. You should visit  a podiatrist , if you suffer from sore or tired feet.

Your podiatrist is qualified to identify and treat the cause of  your foot pain which could occur due to problems with foot biomechanics  ( foot structure)  inappropriate  footwear , growths ( corns,calluses) disease ( diabetes , arthritis) infection ( tinea)  or injury

Foot pain can also be a sign of  systemic disease.  For example, 20% of cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis   and 35%  of stress fractures occur in the feet .

Information sourced from the Australian Podiatry Council “ your podiatrist talks about feet”.

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