Running is Wonderful for Overall Fitness… But!!!

Running  is wonderful for overall fitness , but the extra stress on the feet can lead to injuries from minor strains and pains to fractures.

Since sports demand a lot of your feet , you need to take special care of them.

You can prevent most injuries by wearing appropriate footwear for the sport  that has been carefully designed for the specific sport .

And perhaps orthotic devices to individualise  the comfort of the foot .
Stretching and conditioning  are vital components to any sport . A good conditioning program develops strength , speed , endurance , flexibility,agility and faster reaction time.

It is very important for the athlete to be properly conditioned in order to maintain his/her health and well being. This includes the prevention of injury.

When people have conditioned themselves properly and still have an inherent structural weakness , what can they do ?  The can attempt to support weakened areas and balance unbalanced structures with the use of protective and supportive devices – specifically with orthotic devices – for the feet .

Structural variations in the foot , leg or hip may function quite well in everyday life , however problems often arise when these structures are required to deal with the enormous stresses from physical sporting activities .  Problems such as this  can  be treated successfully  with the help of a Podiatrist.

Damage  is often caused by the overuse of the leg muscles pain and swelling are found where the tendon meets the bone , often on the front or inside of the  leg.   Or  when the muscles and tendons are required to work too and and fast  causing the area  to become inflamed and painful . or where  pain is caused by  bone irritation and  ligament stress .

Often this is treated with manual therapies  to decrease Inflammation , and rehabilitate tissues. However sometimes orthoses are employed as part of the treatment program  for these conditions  which may occur from  an  imbalance  within the foot . the orthoses aim to  align  pressures in the feet to encourage  an improved function.


Information sourced from the Australian  Podiatry Association  fact sheet

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