People with Diabetes can Lose the Feeling in their Feet which Makes them Vulnerable to Injuries

Diabetes is more likely to develop as people get older.  Some people with diabetes have poor blood circulation and reduced sensation in their feet.  Poor blood circulation means that  any cuts , etc  will not heal as  well and may become more easily infected.  These people also need to attend to dry skin on their feet which is more likely to crack and cause infection.  

People with diabetes can lose the feeling in their feet which makes them vulnerable to injuries eg , stepping on a tack.  Feet  which lack sensitivity need to be visually checked once a day to ensure no injury  has occurred.  If you cannot see clearly , someone else should look for you.

Anyone who has diabetes will need to get their feet checked by a podiatrist so that they know how healthy their feet are  or how carefully they need to be in future.  This should be done ideally at least once a year or as advised .

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