Most People Buy Shoes Too Small for Themselves

Shoe selection is most important for people of every age.  Primarily, footwear is worn to protect the feet from  injury while daily tasks are carried out .

Shoes must fit the feet of the wearer. This is critical to avoid the many problems ill  fitting footwear can cause.

Fit factors

The shoe should be  Long enough

                                     Wide enough

                                     Deep enough

If one foot is larger than the other, fit the shoe to the larger foot . an insole can bridge the gap in a smaller shoe.

A survey through Wide Bay Podiatry showed that most people buy their shoes too small!

Keep that in  mind when you next buy shoes .

Try to shop for shoes in the afternoon when the feet tend to be larger  and always have your feet measured.  Shoes should be fitted whilst you are standing , as this is when your body weight will influence their position and fit .

Some people  find their feet change shape as they grow older.

Problems can arise from wearing particular types of footwear  eg slippers or scuffs which may cause a shuffling gait .

Shoes need to be matched to the activity you will be undertaking.  They all need to fit.

For general use and for exercise walking.

Features to look for:

Lace up ( firm hold on the foot)

Thick sole ( cushioning and non slip)

Leather upper ( better ventilation )

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