Preventing Foot Complications

What is an ulcer ?

Ulcers are woundsor open sores that do not heal  in a week or keep returning

What causes Ulcers .

*Having  diabetes increases your risk of developing a foot ulcer .

*Poor circulation means your foot  and lower leg take longer to heal

* About 15% of  people with Diabetes  will develop a foot ulcer.

* Foot ulcers that do not heal can lead to amputation

* foot  ulcers are the main reason most people with diabetes go to hospital

* Loss of feeling in your feet and / or  lower leg may mean you will not notice a wound

Am I at risk of foot complications ?

If you have  diabetes you are at risk

  • If you have had an ulcer before , you are at a higher risk of  getting another ulcer
  • If you have had an amputation you are at a higher risk of  getting another ulcer.
  • Ask your Podiatrist what your risk is

If you are  in a low risk group , you feet should be medically checked every year

If you are in a higher risk group , your Podiatrist should check your feet  at each visit  ( every 3-6 mths)

Your podiatrist  will also look at the following things to assess your risk

  • History of wound3s  ( ulcers ) and amputation.
  • Circulation – pulses in your feet
  • Feeling in your feet
  • Foot shape and structure

What can I do ?

  • Keep your blood glucose level within the recommended range
  • Make sure your footwear fits  well and does not rub.

                   Poor fitting shoes causes most wounds and  foot damage.

  • Make sure  your socks do not restrict circulation in your legs
  • Ask  your Podiatrist about a foot protection program, foot care education

And checks on your feet.

  • See your podiatrist immediately  if you have persistent red areas, blisters and bruises on your  feet.
  • Any wound is serious  you must see your  doctor , nurse or Podiatrist immediately .


Information sourced from the National Evidence Based Guideline on Prevention , Identification and Management  of Foot Complications in Diabetes .


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