While our Feet Suffer Wear, they cannot be Replaced like a Pair of Shoes.

Our feet are often the most neglected and forgotten part of our bodies .  research has shown that people are more likely to service their car than to have their feet checked by a podiatrist .

Yet our feet are our main mode of transport, carrying us on a journey of 128, 000 kilometres in a lifetime – the equivalent to three times around the world.

Who are podiatrists ?

Podiatrists are university – educated foot health professionals , They diagnose and treat specific foot and lower limb conditions including foot problems associated with arthritis and diabetes.

Why do  feet need specialist care?

Our feet are very complex – they house a quarter of the bones in the body, as well as a network of muscles ,ligaments and joints . they are also vulnerable to injury and disease; there are over  three hundred identified foot ailments.  While our feet suffer wear- by the age of fifty ,our feet have lost up to half the shock – absorbing capability of the  natural foot pad  they can not be replaced like a pair of shoes.

Some feet have special needs – children’s feet, sporting feet. Working feet , mature feet  and feet affected by disease .

Information sourced  from Australian Podiatry Council  “ your podiatrist talks about feet”.


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