Hints for Parents When Buying Shoes

  • Buy shoes with the child present , and try to avoid extremely busy shopping times
  • Insist on having the child’s feet measured and the shoes fitted by an experienced person. When in doubt ask for the manager
  • Shoes should be 18mm longer that the longest toes . and buy shoes for the larger foot , therefore ensure you try both shoes on for size
  • The shoes should have laces or a strap high up on the top of the foot
  • The shoe should be difficult to remove without undoing the fastening  and be a snug fit around the heel in new shoes
  • The shoe should not press onto the toes.
  • Buy good quality shoes  for everyday wear
  • Buy shoes that have a reputation to last
  • Keep sneakers sports shoes sand shoes  gum boots and slippers for  short periods of wear or when activity calls for them
  • Do not  hand down shoes which have badly worn soles



Keep shoes in a good state of repair especially the heel area

Keep leather shoes well polished  to help water repellent properties

Check shoes regularly for fit , as your child grows . the shoes will need to be regularly checked

Shoes can be washed in  warm soapy water  and allowed to dry naturally

Allow shoes to dry out overnight  l


Fair wear and tear

A good pair of shoes should last a season when coupled with others for short periods

If shoes deteriorate quickly  return to the  retailer .

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