Your Feet can take a Pounding in the Workplace

The daily demands of your job.- walking standing  for long periods , lifting, jumping on or off machinery – all place your feet under pressure.  While you are working your feet may absorb up to three times your body weight and working feet can travel up to 24 kilometres in a day!

The work environment itself can create health risks for  your feet.

Hazardous conditions – oily or slippery floors, wet conditions, or extreme heat or cold – put feet at risk of injury and can lead to foot problems

Stress fractures, sprains , strains, corns , calluses, ingrown toenails , chilblains ,and tinea are some of the foot problems , which can occur in the workplace or be aggravated at work .

Problems such as calluses , corns , blisters can be caused by pressure.

If your feet do not fit properly into standard shoes or boots, then you are more likely to experience pressure  related  foot problems.  Deep aches or pains in the arch , ball of the foot  or heel may be related to muscle strain, which is associated with poor foot posture – correcting or improving  foot posture can reduce foot strain .

Even minor  irritations can reduce your mobility and productivity.

It is important to seek help for all foot ailments including sore and tired feet.

Individual  assessment and advice from a podiatrist is recommended.



Information sourced from Australian Podiatry Council  “ Your podiatrist talks about feet at work”.


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