Looking After Employees in the Workplace

As an employer you can prevent foot problems at work by

  • Promoting foot health in your workplace
  • Contracting a podiatrist  to give a talk on foot care to employees
  • Encouraging  your staff members to report foot problems , no matter how  minor
  • Looking at the foot health record  at your company – multiple foot complaints may suggest the workplace environment   itself  may need  addressing
  • Doing a foot risk assessment in the workplace  – look for ways to minimize the burden on your  employee’s feet   ( a podiatrist may be able to assist you with assessing  workplace foot risks)
  • Emphasizing  to the safety officer or occupational physician that foot complaints should be taken seriously .
  • If your employees wear safety shoes , ask yourself do you stock adequate range of safety shoes to suit every staff member?  If not outsourcing  the supply and fit of safety shoes may be more cost effective.
  • Allowing employees a cross over period when they exchange their old safety boots for a new pair .


Information sourced from Australian Podiatry Council  “ your podiatrist talks about feet at work”.

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