”My Feet are Killing Me” is a Common Cry

yet research shows that only a fraction of those suffering from sore feet seek professional help.  A common misconception is that sore feet are normal; they are not .

Just as you would  visit your dentist for a toothache. You should visit  a podiatrist , if you suffer from sore or tired feet.

Your podiatrist is qualified to identify and treat the cause of  your foot pain which could occur due to problems with foot biomechanics  ( foot structure)  inappropriate  footwear , growths ( corns,calluses) disease ( diabetes , arthritis) infection ( tinea)  or injury

Foot pain can also be a sign of  systemic disease.  For example, 20% of cases of Rheumatoid Arthritis   and 35%  of stress fractures occur in the feet .

Information sourced from the Australian Podiatry Council “ your podiatrist talks about feet”.

“Don’t Worry – They Grow Out of it is “… Not Always True!

“Don’t worry – they grow out of it “. is a common response to parent’s concerns about the development of their children’s feet or legs.

In some cases this can be true, however as children grow up their feet and legs undergo various stages of development.  Your podiatrist will be able to advise you whether your child’s development falls within acceptable limits for their age, or if treatment may be required.

Don’t dismiss your  child’s consistent complaints of aches as “Just growing pains”. The reason for persistent aches and cramps can sometimes be due to poor foot or leg posture.

Advice to Parents

  • Most  foot and  lower leg problems in children do not cause pain
  • Signs that a problem exists may include walking in an unusual or awkward way, unusual wear patterns on shoes and early fatigue.
  • If you have any concerns  about your child’s foot health development , seek the advice  of a podiatrist. To be assured that there is no problem is better than being told. “ You should have come earlier when we could have done something about it “.
Information sourced from Australian Podiatry Council  “Podiatry and children”.

Corns and Calluses are Symptoms

Corns are due to pressure over a bony part of the foot .  A common site is the side of the little toe or over the tops of bent toes where shoes press.  Often   corns can be avoided by wearing better fitting shoes and perhaps  some help from a Podiatrist in protecting these areas .

Calluses are due to persistent rubbing or friction and usually occur on the balls of the feet.  Most times these are caused by uneven weight bearing across the foot and need a podiatrist’s attention to deal with them and try to overcome the problem.

Corns and Calluses are symptoms – the cause needs to be identified and , where possible removed.  This is where you need to see a podiatrist.  Over the counter “ corn cures”  are usually inappropriate and are often dangerous for anyone with poor blood circulation or diabetes

Come Prepared for your First Appointment

To gain the best result in our time together

Information: In order to understand your concerns and to accurately identify your issues bring any relevant scans , x rays , and medical reports

Footwear: Bring the shoes that are a concern , or require review.

History: of injuries , past treatments that have influenced your journey .

We look forward to meeting you .


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