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Many Australians are being brought to their Knees by  Heel Pain

The  Australian Podiatry Council said during  foot health week in  1998.

And since then this statement has not changed .

While heel pain is one of the most common conditions treated by podiatrists, it appears that  a large number of people are not seeking help for their heel pain, and possibly this is due to not knowing where to turn for  help .

Who’s most at risk ?

“ Heel pain strikes most frequently in middle aged men and women , but also in those who take part in regular sporting activities and regularly on their feet.  Heel pain can also occur in children, usually between 8 and 13 , especially if they are involved in  regular sporting activity.

While heel pain has many causes , it is usually the result of a biomechanical imbalance ( abnormalities in the way we walk), too much stress on the heel bone  and the tissues  attached to it ,or complications from certain systemic diseases such as  arthritis and diabetes.

Podiatrists use a range of methods to  treat heel pain, including exercise and shoe recommendations, orthoses, taping or strapping  and manual therapies.  Most heel pain can be effectively treated without surgery.


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